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Stationery Fest: Letter Writing Social in NY

Join us this summer in New York! We are hitting the road and heading to Stationery Fest.

Come learn why snail mail is the hottest thing right now. Letter writing is so cool. In real life is so much better than digital. Send a letter, get a letter back. Discover the power of the written word. Find out how to make your letters and cards stand out, how to properly address envelopes, the unique world of stamps and mail art. Learn how to start a letter writing group in your area or find one to join.

Each participant receives a letter writing kit to continue the snail mall journey. This meet up is a community event and FREE however registration is required.

This event is limited to 12 - 15 attendees. 

NOTE: this special event is being held in Brooklyn, NY.

Registration is found here.

For more information about the event: www.stationeryfestival.com

This is made possible with a generous donation of the Tampa Bay Letter Writers.


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