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Class Descriptions

2024 Schedule of Workshops & Events

 October, November & December

*** All classes are in-person unless otherwise noted***

For the maker and curious creative looking for new artistic expressions, Paper Seahorse classes are modern and fun.  All materials included.  Bring an open heart and mind.  Learn something new, make with your hands, give from the heart. Register online and visit www.paperseahorse.com for updates. Please make sure to read our policies page.

Download our creative classes schedule as a pdf documenthere.


Letter Writing Social
What is all the buzz about letter writing? Why is it so popular now? Join us for a free letter writing social to learn about the magic and power of writing by hand. Learn about this worldwide movement that helps people slow down and connect in a meaningful way. Find local groups in your area and maybe start one in your own town. Includes your very own letter writing kit with resources and inspiration. 

Macabre Mail Art & Collage
To prepare for Halloween we'll gather around the metaphorical cauldron and stir-up some Macabre Mail Art and Collage. You'll be supplied with a spooky collage kit and several cards to collage on, which can be mailed to your family and friends (or foes). You'll learn about the tradition of Mail Art and have the opportunity to join in the fun of sending (and receiving) handmade art through the mail.  All materials included.

Introduction to Journaling

⁠Journaling sparks creativity. Increases self-confidence, provides clarity, expands awareness, and reduces stress. A regular practice can be an important step towards self-care.⁠ ⁠ Have you ever wanted to journal but just didn’t know how to get started? Come join us for this online live class where you will explore and experience the various types of journaling. Part of getting started or being re-introduced to journaling is discovering a practice that speaks to you. ⁠ ⁠This online class includes a journaling starter kit that will be mailed to you two weeks prior to the workshop. All materials you need for class as well as more goodies to continue your journaling adventures.: two pens, two journals, inspiration, and more.⁠ ⁠

Watercolor Roses
This beginner friendly introduction to watercolors will focus on learning techniques specific to creating loose roses. These beautiful blooms pair perfectly with writing or stand alone as an illustration. Participants need no experience or painting skills. All supplies will be provided for you.

Modern Calligraphy
This beginner friendly workshop will explain the principles of modern calligraphy. Starting with pencils and moving on to brush pens, we will learn how and when to use pressure to create the basic strokes. Next, we will play with combinations of these strokes to create letter forms. All materials included. Note this is not a dip pen class.

Gelli Print Collage
Learn the incredible possibilities of Gelli printing. Create unique monoprints that can be used in collage, scrapbooking, mixed media, journaling, letter writing and more. Breakthrough the clutter of a busy bee mind and be pleasantly surprised at what you will find. Create many gorgeous pieces including handmade collages.All materials provided.

Travel Journaling: Have A Nice Trip!with TRAVELER’S Notebook
Have you wanted to learn new ways of journaling or get started documenting your trips? Then this is class will inspire you. Your travel kit will be included with everything you need as well as fun make + take ideas to create one-of-a-kind memories. This is an online, live class. Your kit will be mailed ahead of time.Please prepare any materials you would like to work with and any journals you would like to share.

Gratitude Circles: Mindful Art and Giving Thanks
Discover the art of gratitude in this interactive and soul-nourishing workshop. Gratitude Circles are a unique blending of mindfulness and artistic expression that allows participants to delve into the practice of giving thanks while creating a beautiful watercolor art piece. In this workshop, students will be guided through an exploration of gratitude using journaling prompts and an art piece including watercolor or your choice of medium.

No prior artistic experience is necessary for this workshop. All materials, including watercolor, handmade paper, and brushes will be provided. Just bring your open heart and willingness to explore the beauty of gratitude. (Feel free to bring your favorite supplies) Join us for this transformative journey where art, mindfulness, and gratitude intertwine to create a meaningful and joyous experience. 

Polaroid Emulsion Lift Workshop
Polaroid photography aficionado Lance Rothstein has been making instant photos since before 2008. He’ll bring a new Polaroid Lab and a table-full of Polaroid cameras from his personal collection and guide you through the traditional process of making Polaroid Emulsion Lifts. All materials provided.

Mindful Lettering
Unlock your creativity and cultivate mindfulness through the art of lettering. Join us for the Mindful Lettering workshop, where you will learn the basics of lettering while discovering how to infuse mindful practices to transform it into a therapeutic and expressive art form. Together we will practice breathing techniques. Create affirmations and you will leave the class with a mindful art activity that will bring you joy and ease. 


Watercolor Journaling 101 - online, on-demand
In our fast-paced digital world, it’s challenging to slow down and just enjoy life. Watercolor Journaling can do just that by helping you relax, observe and notice the little things around you.

Journaling is all about you, about self-nurturing, and about knowing yourself better. Watercolors are a great companion to your journaling practice as they are portable, easy to use and lend themselves to happy playing.

In this workshop, you’ll learn some watercolor basics and simple tips for working with them. Start playing in your new journal, making colorful borders and backgrounds, plus more. Get ideas on what to paint and how to maintain a rewarding journaling experience. A portable watercolor set, a journal and 2 brushes are yours to take home and continue with the fun. Teacher: Lynda Fishbourne

This is an online recorded class you can take in the comfort of your own home. Immediate registration and kits are mailed out. Register for our most popular class here.



Registration required for all classes. Please register for all classes either on the phone, in the studio, or online – space is limited and some classes fill up quickly. We need a minimum number of students to hold any class. Payment is due in full when registering. Paper Seahorse reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. If this happens you will be refunded or can sign up for the next class available. 

Proper notice helps teachers plan and allows others to take the class. A full refund will be given with proper notice. However, if you do not give notice, there will be no refund. There are no make-up classes. To receive a refund, class cancellation must be requested two weeks prior to the class date. Cancellations made seven days to 72 hours before the class will receive store credit. Due to the nature of planning and material prep, if you do not give notice, there will be no refund.

Classes start promptly on time. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled. If you arrive 15+ minutes after the class starts, you will have to reschedule and there will be no refund. Classes are appropriate for ages 13 and up, unless otherwise noted.



Private, Group Lessons And Parties Available

If you are unavailable to attend a scheduled class, we can hold any class on the schedule with a minimum of five students. Private party classes have a minimum of six students and a maximum of 12.  Want to have a girls’ night out?  A friends’ crafternoon? We offer birthday parties (adults/kids) wedding and baby showers, too.  Contact us today to set up your next class via phone: 813.251.8096, email:hello@paperseahorse.com or better yet, stop in the studio, we’d love to meet you!


The Paper Seahorse is a studio for creativity and mindfulness. Helping solve the digital dilemma is our specialty.  Curating handwritten and handmade experiences, we are dedicated to celebrating the creative spirit and the makers.From stationery finds, creative classes and special events, we have the tools to help you digitally detox.Mindfulness starts here with us.

Specialty Stationery

We offer a carefully curated collection of modern and nostalgic goods for the art of writing, journaling and keeping in touch.  These include: fountain pen friendly stationery, writing instruments and accessories.

Creative Classes

For the maker and curious creative looking for new creative expressions, Paper Seahorse classes are modern and fun. These classes are also perfect for girls’ night out, date night, parties and special events.  All materials and refreshments are included.  Bring an open heart and mind.  Learn something new, make with your hands, give from the heart.  We also offers creative classes, pop-up events, wedding and baby showers as well as birthday parties for kids little and big.