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Esterbrook "Estie" Fountain Pen: Sea Glass

"The Pen of Summer"  *****⁠

This new fountain pen is inspired by sea glass, the coveted coastal treasures that wash ashore during low tides all over the world. Shaped over many sunrises and sunsets, these bits of colored glass drift for as many as two hundred years, weathering storms in the salt water, tossing and turning, Mother Nature’s own polishing that gives them their characteristically smooth, frosted texture.

Founded in the 1850s, Esterbrook develops its fountain pens to bring timeless character and joy to writing. 

  •  comfortably balanced 
  •  stunning vintage-style blended, high-polish, artisanal acrylic.
  • Nibs are German-engineered by Jowo for an elegantly smooth writing experience, and are interchangeable.
  • A cushion cap closure provides a secondary seal to always ensure a wet point.
  • Schmidt ink converter
  • Packaged in a hard fabric case. 
  • Weight: 24g overall
  • Measurements: 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted

This pen also comes in a larger oversize version. Click here to purchase.

Color & Nib Size
Silver Trim with Medium Nib
Silver Trim with Broad Nib
Gold trim with Extra Fine Nib
Gold trim with Fine Nib
Gold trim with Medium Nib
Gold Trim with Broad Nib
Silver Trim with Extra Fine Nib
Silver Trim with Fine Nib
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