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About Us

A lifetime dedicated to helping people and businesses re-discover themselves and live their best life.


Tona Bell and Randy Rosenthal have been partners in life and business for over 25 years – founding, growing and selling a global creative agency, and rather than retire, they started a social enterprise: The Paper Seahorse.  Their success demonstrates the ability to achieve financial success without sacrificing these important values:

Community over Competition

Transformations over Transactions

In Real Life over On-line

Approach all with Love

The Paper Seahorse began in 2014 as a studio and retail shop in Tampa, Florida filling the pent-up need for the tools (artisanal stationery) and experiences (creative / transformational classes) to help people let go of their phones and begin to reconnect with themselves and others through writing and making by hand.  Over the past decade The Paper Seahorse has built a thriving community of tens of thousands of people from all around the world, who have discovered the joy and healing power of writing by hand.  Every year more and more people approach Tona and Randy with similar stories of how they feel overwhelmed by the non-stop digital noise and tell us, “I need a (pen, typewriter, notebook or workshop) so I can slow down and think!”  What they are really saying is, “I need more space in my life so I can truly live the life I feel I am meant to live.”

Listening and engaging with their community, The Paper Seahorse has expanded and transformed their lovely physical location in Tampa Florida to become a safe space – a peaceful urban oasis – for individuals and businesses to learn, grow and share through transformational workshops, day retreats, offsites and creative classes.  From this home base The Paper Seahorse brings their powerful and unique experiences to cities and businesses around the world. 

As an official Partner Shop with The TRAVELER’S COMPANY Japan, their on-site campus store provides exquisite artisanal tools for writing by hand, living a healthier, more fulfilling life, and in real life experiences for people to share connections. 

The Paper Seahorse Manifesto
The Paper Seahorse Manifesto

We believe in the magic of letting go of digital distractions so we may
reconnect with ourselves and each other.

 Artisanal pencils, paper, pens, journals, and typewriters help us slow
down so we can experience and celebrate the little things that make
living in real life refreshing and satisfying.

We believe in the radical kindness of keeping in touch; the heartwarming joy of sending and receiving a handwritten note.

Find calm and flow through the freedom of play and delight in discovering your creativity.

Take a vacation from your screens; unplug and recharge!
Always remember, your friends are here to lift you up.

P.S. We Love You