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The World of Gail Bell Posters

American Spiritual Artist, Gail Bell, is Tona's mom. She was a very prolific creative and had many careers; writer, librarian, and designer with her own textile company. At the end of her life, she started painting. Using her signature vibrant colors and patterns, she believed if we focus on our highs we will have less lows. 

It is interesting to note the textile designs she recreated from The World of Gail Bell quilts and fabric, and how she incorporated them into her paintings.

These prints are high quality posters of her acrylic on canvas work. Gail believed in the power of positive affirmations. Each painting was inspired by an empowering phrase and there are affirmations hidden in each piece.

She sold hundreds of paintings until she died in 2005. These posters and notecards are a wonderful reminder of her work and positive energy. She would be please these have been unarchived and are ready to spread joy once again.

Mother Sun: "There Is A New You Everyday"

Sunflowers + Stars:"Many Doors Open When I Foilow My Intuition"

Paradise: "Visualize Your Perfect World"

Tropical Nights: "Focus On Paradise And Watch Your World Change"

Archival prints measure 18" x 24"

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