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Rag & Pulp Book - Uppercase Publishing

The latest title in the Uppercase vast library is a topic near and dear to our hearts. It is for artists, crafters, designers and writers, paper is integral to everything we make—it serves as the foundation of our ideas. It's the substrate upon which our thoughts and talents are made visible. Paper is also a means of expression in itself: unique papers are made by hand with innovative and natural materials, artistic techniques like marbling paint its surface, manipulation creates texture and sculptural forms, and through manual and mechanical processes, designers create decorative papers that bring pattern to our daily lives.

Using beautiful imagery and inspiring stories and interviews, Rag & Pulp explores the diversity of contemporary papermakers, manufacturers and artists. These creators, all of whom use and elevate paper from a blank white sheet into something uniquely marvelous and expressive.

448 pages, 42 profiles of people, companies and products. All illustrated through photographs of the artist or company's creative process, details of equipment and techniques, studios and workspaces, and photographs of finished products. 

Be still our hearts!

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