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Diamine Ink Cartridge Refills

Box of 20 mixed ink cartridges for any universal (standard) cartridge fountain pens or any other pen that accepts short standard international cartridges. These inks normally come in a box of 18 pieces all the same color. We think a variety pack is way more fun. These are new, let us know what you think!

Diamine inks have been made in the UK since 1864. 

Select from six different variety packs to illuminate your writing:

Floral - passion red, woodland green, orange, mediterranean blue, turquoise

Elegance  - claret, teal, midnight, saddle brown, oxblood

Classic - jet black, prussian blue, blue black, green umber, warm brown

Sovereign - sapphire blue, ancient copper, majestic blue, chocolate brown, maroon

Fiesta - autumn oak, matador, ultra green, marine, blueberry

Regal - royal blue, imperial blue, emerald, monaco red, imperial purple

Prestige - oxford blue, syrah, steel blue, sherwood green, grey

Mixed - imperial purple, monaco red, maroon, warm brown, jet black

Features 4 cartridges in 5 fabulous ink colors. Quite fun to try a multi-pack so you can find a color and hue that you love. If you wish to see all the color swatches please visit the Diamine web site in the UK.

Fun facts about their inks:

Monaco Red : This color was specially formulated for his Serene Highness Prince Rainier III of Monaco and the Grimaldi family in conjunction with a presentation of a limited edition fountain pen.

W.E.S Imperial Blue : This special edition color was introduced on request for the 25th anniversary of the Writing Equipment Society.

Royal Blue : This ink was used on April 2010 by Presidents Obama/Medvedev in the signing of the nuclear arms treaty at Prague Castel! How cool is that?

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