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Scarlett Limited Edition Esterbrook "Estie" Fountain Pen

A callback to the Golden Age of Hollywood, this Scarlet fountain pen was inspired by old glamour and the silver screen starlets who set Los Angeles ablaze. Gone With The Wind was an iconic movie and the leading lady perhaps even more so.The Scarlett O'Hara Estie is a romantic mixture of blues and reds, making for an intriguing blend of subtlety and romanticism. At once bold and demure, this pen will surely be a Leading Lady in your collection.

Founded in the 1850s, Esterbrook developed its fountain pens overtime to be compatible with any use - business, educational, or personal - while adding timeless character and joy to the task in front of you. 

Today, their quality design is represented in their signature Estie: a comfortably balanced fountain pen with a stunning design of vintage-style blended and turned acrylic and a high polish finish. Nibs are German-engineered by Jowo for an elegantly smooth writing experience, and are interchangeable. A cushion cap closure provides a secondary seal to always ensure a wet point.

Each pen comes with a Schmidt ink converter so you can fill your Esterbrook with your favorite bottled ink. They also take universal cartridges.

The specifications:

  • Medium nib
  • Chrome finish
  • Weight: 24g overall
  • Measurements: 5.9″ closed, 5″ open, 6.7″ posted

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