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Little Box Of Calm - A Paper Seahorse Wellness Box

Experience peace through analog living with our Little Box of Calm. We have thoughtfully designed this kit to take you from chaos to calm in just a few minutes a day. It has everything you need to find mindfulness in the everyday. 

Our overly stimulated digital world pulls us in so many directions, it has become an epidemic of stress and even depression. However, there's good news: Clinical studies have shown that practicing mindful gratitude can lower blood pressure, improve immune function, produce more efficient sleep, and reduce the effects of aging on the brain.  There is even evidence that people who keep a gratitude journal have up to 25% lower dietary fat intake.

Our team is using our experience in helping thousands of people find peace and relaxation through analog writing, to bring you what we believe to be the essential tools to begin your journey to wellness immediately.  Getting started is easy by following the directions in the included, Mindfulness for Modern Times guidebook written by Paper Seahorse founder and mindfulness through analog expert, Tona Bell.

The Paper Seahorse Box of Calm includes:

  • Gratitude journal – Our own artisanal notebook with handmade paper makes gratitude journaling a very special experience.

  • Time out for your smart phone – Connect better with yourself by disconnecting from your phone.  It will be out of the way, and ready when you need it in this stylish, natural cloth pouch.
  • Sand timer – One of the oldest forms of timekeeping, this three-minute timer is perfect for following along with the exercises in your guidebook.

  • Writing instrument – Le Pen is made in Japan, quick drying and known worldwide for writing beautifully.
  • Thank you notes – We have included three of our custom letterpress notecards to get you started putting pen to paper and appreciating others.
  • The Paper Seahorse Signature Blend –Make a cup of our signature tea (hot or iced) while you journal, write letters or meditate. The essence of Florida Orange Blossoms and lemongrass will uplift and inspire you.
  • Quartz crystal- Clear quartz is the one must have crystal there is. It has vibrations and helps you connect to the natural world and all its wonders.
  • Mindfulness for Modern Times, by Tona Bell– This booklet teaches you how to reconnect with yourself and others through analog communication.  It also includes digital detox tips for creating a healthier relationship with technology and enjoying a happier, more peaceful life.

Order yours today and start living a slower more meaningful screen-free life.

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