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Brush Lettering 101

We at the Paper Seahorse are very excited to share with you the inaugural course of our very own  online school, The Analog Academy.  

Summer Session is now enrolling for:
Brush Lettering 101 with artist and author, Amanda Kammarada


Are you interested in hand lettering but not sure where to begin? Have you seen the pretty lettering all over social media and in the stores and want to try to do it yourself? Do you have bad handwriting and are afraid to try to learn hand lettering? Then this class is for you!

In this basics class, you will learn how to hold a Tombow brush pen along with the basic strokes needed to create letters. You will also learn how to letter the alphabet and then connect those letters to make words. This is a great introduction to get your feet wet with the Tombow brush markers. At the end of the class, you’ll leave with your own brush pens, practice sheets and the confidence to continue lettering!  Note: this is different than the Brush Pen Calligraphy technique class.

Online, but not alone: Class groups to share ideas, discussions to ask questions, and check-ins now and then from us to make sure you are being supported all the way through to the end. 

All Materials Are Included.  

You Will Receive Your Kit Via US Mail.