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Corporate Wellness



The Paper Seahorse is a studio for creativity and mindfulness. We help people suffering from the stress and anxiety as the result of living in a world of non-stop information feeds and constant partial attention. We address the digital dilemma by providing the analogue tools and experiences necessary for people to enjoy reconnect with themselves and others in real life (IRL). Many times the benefits of mindfulness begins with a “digital detox.”

Before launching this socially-minded enterprise, founders and partners Tona Bell and Randy Rosenthal were principles in a global healthcare marketing agency serving Fortune 100 companies. In their 22+ years experience working with Management, Leadership, Sales and Training stakeholders, they developed a deep understand of the needs of modern corporate culture as well as the challenges and demands of producing for National/Global Sales Meetings and Leadership conferences. They understand that for meeting planners, creativity must be matched with reliability and flawless execution.


Most of these classes are two to three hours (Ikigai is also a full day workshop). The images that follow are all taken and owned by The Paper Seahorse.

Gratitude Journaling
“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.”
This quote by Anthony Robbins reminds us that we can be happy, we just need to recognize what we do have. Did you know that it is a scientific fact when you are appreciative, you cannot be down or sad? It is impossible for the brain to be both at the same time! Starting a regular gratitude journaling practice is a game changer. It will help you be more mindful and allow you to receive. In this class, your kit will have everything to start and design your very own journal. You will also learn techniques to begin the positive habit of journaling. Gratefulness starts here.

Finding Your Ikigai
What truly moves you? What do you love so much that you would do it even if you did not get paid? How would you describe what makes you get out of bed in the morning? The answer to these questions is your Ikigai. Finding the core of who you are and what moves your soul can change your outlook on life. It can give you more satisfaction personally and professionally. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? In kick-start class we will explore and discover what really makes you tick. Your ikigai will help you live a more authentic rewarding life. Start living out loud now.

The Art & Craft of Card Making
Using a mix of the finest vintage and modern materials create one-of-a-kind cards that will be treasured forever. From rare ephemera; to handmade paper from all over the world; to hand dyed silk and linen ribbons, our premium card and envelope stock will give participants an artisan card making experience they will never forget. 

Tampa Type Writing Bar Experience
Everywhere we go, our restored vintage typewriters draw a crowd. People love expressing themselves on these beautiful machines. Our signature “Writing Bar” consists of a curated selection of typewriters from the 20’s to the 70’s ready for creating. We supply people to help operate the typewriters along with plenty of paper.

Contact us today for your next team-building immersive experience. We have customized events for groups from 12 to 1,200. What can we create for you today?

About The Paper Seahorse
The Paper Seahorse is a studio in Tampa, where creativity and mindfulness is our specialty. Curating handwritten and handmade experiences, we are dedicated to celebrating the creative spirit and the makers. Stationery finds, creative classes and special events, we have the tools to help you digitally detox. Mindfulness starts here with us.

Specialty Stationery
We offer a carefully curated collection of modern and nostalgic goods for the art of writing, paper and presentation. These include: stationery, letterpress, custom and handmade invitations, giftwrap, writing instruments and accessories. The Paper Seahorse also offer creative classes, pop-up events, wedding and baby showers, as well as birthday parties for kids little and big.

Creative Classes
For the maker and curious creative looking for new creative expressions, Paper Seahorse classes are modern and fun. These classes are also perfect for girls’ night out, date night, parties and special events. All materials and refreshments are included. Bring an open heart and mind. Learn something new, make with your hands, give from the heart.

Tampa Type: Typewriter Experiences
Our signature “writing bar” consists of a curated selection of typewriters from the 20’s to the 70’s ready for creating. We also specialize in customizing typewriter rentals for photo shoots props/display and parties. Tampa Type has the largest inventory of restored vintage typewriters for sale in Florida. Tampa Type’s permanent home is The Paper Seahorse.