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The Paper Seahorse I Love Cursive Handwriting Contest

i love cursive handwriting contest

Celebrate the joys of handwriting by entering our I Love Cursive Contest. This penmanship event will be judged by very qualified handwriting expert and certified instructor Marie Hornback. Our goal is to get more people writing and learning cursive, to slow down and enjoy a mindful and relaxing activity.

Your handwriting is unique to you and it is something you should love. Being proud of this beautiful art form is easy, it just takes practice. It makes you smarter and you can express yourself faster than printing. The physical act of long hand enables you to really think about what you are wanting to say and express yourself clearer.


This 4th annual contest is open to all ages. There are three categories you can submit in:

  • Grade School 
  • High School / Adult
  • Special Needs

There will be one winner in each category. They will be announced on January 23rd 2023, National Handwriting Day. Each winner will receive a certificate and handwriting goodies to continue their journey. This contest is only in English and open to participants worldwide. 

Here is how to enter:

  1. Write a half page to full page in cursive. We encourage you to tell us how you will keep cursive alive and why it is important. You may also write your favorite poem, a story or tell us why you love handwriting.
  2. Include your name, address, age and what category you are entering. Only one category per person.
  3. Snail mail your masterpiece to us:

The Paper Seahorse  I Love Cursive Contest
211 South Howard Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33606 USA

or you may scan and email your entry to hello@paperseahorse.com.

  1. All entries must be received by January 13th end of day. No exceptions.
  2. Winner will be announced on National Handwriting Day January 23, 2023.

Learn more about handwriting teacher and expert Marie Hornback here.

Paper Seahorse I love cursive contest 2022