We are pleased to announce that The Paper Seahorse has been selected by TRAVELER’S COMPANY to be an Official Partner Shop


TRAVELER’S COMPANY is helping retailers maintain and strengthen local community relationships. Becoming a partner shop means that we are truly loyal and fully understand the brand and have met the design team personally in Tokyo. Through the years, our studio has hosted over a dozen in-person meet ups and workshops featuring the TRAVELER’S COMPANY and Midori products. The Paper Seahorse has become a special destination not only in Tampa Bay but in Florida and the Southeast United States for lovers of this cult brand. In the spring of 2019, we hosted our largest meet up with over 60 attendees.



The TRAVELER'S FACTORY in Tokyo is the original home and company store of the TRAVELER'S COMPANY.   In this magical shop you will find so many wonderful and creative products that up until now, could only be found in Japan. Now, some of these products are available at The Paper Seahorse!

Tona Bell, the proprietress of The Paper Seahorse visits the TRAVELER'S FACTORY in Japan

What is a TRAVELER'S Partner Shop?

The TRAVELER'S COMPANY has selected only a few shops from around the world to be official "Partner Shops."  You should know that a Partner Shop owner is a user of TRAVELER'S notebook and handles them with love. You may be able to meet local users and discover products and special experiences that can only be found there. If there were such TRAVELER'S COMPANY-authorized stores all over the world, traveling with TRAVELER'Snotebooks would be more fun. We want TRAVELER'S COMPANY Partner Shops to be a place where TRAVELER'Snotebook users can gather and converge during their travels. The best part of traveling is encountering people from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. Through interaction and conversations at these hubs, we can find common joys at TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner Shops.

What does this mean?

There are only a handful of us in North America and the world. We carry exclusive Factory Store items that are not available anywhere, except Japan. These goods are only available at select partners who have been carefully selected to represent the TRAVELER’S FACTORY Brand.


Join Our Exclusive TRAVELER'S FACTORY List

The Paper Seahorse is one of only a handful of official TRAVELER'S COMPANY Partner Stores in North America.  This means as we carry products from TRAVELER'S FACTORY that otherwise could only be found in Japan.  These items sell out very quickly! 

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What if I don't live close to The Paper Seahorse?

If you are out of state, click here for a list of North American retailers who are also TRAVELER’S COMPANY Partner shops. We are proud to be in excellent company and encourage you to visit these small, independent stores. Especially now during these very uncertain times, small businesses everywhere are being challenged. Help maintain authenticity in your community and shop small this holiday season. Bigger chains and retailers will find a way to survive, that is not as easy for the smaller shop.