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001 TRAVELER'S Notebook Regular - Refill - Lined Notebook

The TRAVELER'S COMPANY Lined Notebook Refill is perfect for journaling or list-making wherever you go. This Regular refill is sized to fit inside your Regular TRAVELER'S Notebook. Inside you'll find 64 saddle-stitched pages of fine quality paper that works well with most any pen, including your fountain pen.

Lines are printed at a 6.5mm interval on Midori's signature MD Paper. The smooth pages have a unique "tooth" to them that make writing on them an uncommonly enjoyable experience. They are thin enough to make the 001 Regular Insert a light carry, but thick enough that you'll never have trouble with ink bleeding over on the next page.

Fill your leather TRAVELER'S Notebook with a variety of refills. Or, use your refill as its own notebook! The customization and personalization options with the TRAVELER'S COMPANY are endless.


  • Fountain pen-friendly MD Paper
  • 6.5mm interval lines
  • 64 sheets
  • Textured kraft cover
  • Bleed-proof pages
  • Saddle stitching
  • Sized for Regular TRAVELER'S notebook

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WARNING: California's Proposition 65