A Fountain Pen Brand Breakdown

by Amanda Doyle June 07, 2019 2 min read

A Fountain Pen Brand Breakdown

Fountain pen brands at the Paper Seahorse

Fountain pens, hands down, are the greatest writing tools in the world.

Every fountain pen is unique, just like the person using them. This nifty guide breaks down the various fountain pen brands, and can help you find the best writing tool to express yourself.


TRAVELER'S COMPANY brass fountain pen TRAVELER'S COMPANY brass fountain pen

Designed with their cult notebook in mind, the TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Japan makes fountain pens that are reliable with an adventurous design. They travel with you in your pocket, on your notebook, or as a keychain. The raw brass gets a beautiful, worldly-looking patina as you take it different places.


Kaweco sport fountain pen Kaweco Sport fountain pen

This German brand has been making fountain pens since 1883. Their signature Sport style fountain pen is portable, durable, and writes consistently smooth. It was intended as a trustworthy pen that could be carried in a pocket without leaking. Kaweco takes universal cartridges.

J. Herbin

J Herbin fountain pen J Herbin fountain pen

Functional and light, J. Herbin fountain pens fit comfortably in your hand. The uniquely clear body tells you exactly what level your ink is at. This brand is known for their vast amounts of universal ink colors, so their clear fountain pen bodies let you show off those stunning pigments.

Faber Castell

Faber Castell fountain pen Faber Castell fountain pen

This 250 year old company truly knows how to make incredible writing tools. The manufacturing process for each of their intricately detailed pens involves over a hundred steps, most of them carried out by hand. Writing with their fountain pens is an experience of its own.


Pilot metropolitan fountain pen Pilot metropolitan fountain pen

Pilot pens offer elegant design from Japan. They write on the finer side while their nibs glide seamlessly on paper. Pilot pens only take Pilot cartridges or converters. Their ink is the best ink in the world.


Kakuno pilot fountain pen Pilot kakuno fountain pen

This is known as Pilot's starter fountain pen, but it's beloved by all fountain pen users for its super smooth, resistance-free writing. It comes in fun colors and a smiley face on the nib.

Le Chat

Le Chat fountain pen Le Chat fountain pen by Tools to Liveby

A weighted pen from the Taiwan-based brand Tools to Liveby, it comes with a cute kitty cat face on the nib. It writes like butter and comes in black and white.


Lamy fountain pen Lamy fountain pen

These pens designed with German engineering are the best selling fountain pens in the world. Large yet light, they write amazing right out of the box with incredible control over your strokes. The nibs write thick and smooth. Cartridges are proprietary.


Now that we're familiar with the different fountain pen brands, it's time to find yours! What pen speaks to you? Explore our collection to find your fountain pen




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