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A Father's Day Gift Guide: Stationery Style

by Alex English May 30, 2018 3 min read

A Father's Day Gift Guide: Stationery Style

Father's Day Gift Basket from The Paper Seahorse

Yes, we celebrate Father's Day just as much as we do Mother's Day and Easter and Hanukkah at The Paper Seahorse.

Things can get pretty frilly and früffy around here, between paper flower and tea cup candle classes, but you'd be surprised how many dads, dudes, and manly men come in to browse and buy.

Just the other week, a local gentleman bought a class for his wife online, and asked us to gift wrap the gift certificate, so he'd have something nice to present to her. While he was in to collect that ahead of Mother's Day, he picked up some plain white paper and envelopes (from LIFE) to keep at his desk.

On Saturday, a man visited to find a gift for his teenage daughter heading to college this summer. We decided on a brass pen and several notebooks she could use for classes (I extolled the merits of handwriting notes rather than typing on a computer; the former aids retention).

Other times, men accompany their wives, girlfriends, or daughters in the store, or talk to them on the phone while on a proxy hunting and gathering mission, which happens more than you might think.

"I'm supposed to get ________ for my ______."

We have a lot of non-local men who stop in on behalf of their calligraphy-loving significant-other too, like the recent business traveler from Amarillo, Texas.

I told him about our new Dr. Ph. Martin's white and golden inks...

"She has those already. What else is around that is special or different?"

He left with the hand-carved Michael Sull oblique nib holder, a unique and rare piece in the calligraphy and lettering world, identifiable by its SULL engraving on the tip.

And sometimes, the calligraphy geek is actually the male shopper himself. This past weekend, the president of Scribes of Central Florida (Randy Taylor) stopped in on his way to Clearwater to check out our wares, having seen them on social media.

You see, there are lots of great men around, many of whom are fathers, who indulge our hobbies, buy us meaningful gifts, and go out of their way to be thoughtful.

Let's do the same for them this year!

We've picked a few items that the dad in your life might love...

A Vintage Typewriter

This Smith-Corona model from the mid-1950s is in pristine condition, and comes in an elegant, understated brushed sage green color.

Imagine: dad can create little notes to leave around the house, draft correspondence the retro way, or even endeavor to fill out his 

Blank Paper for Whatever

Tomoe River makes some of the nicest paper around, and we love its creamy smooth handle. It comes in lots of sizes, with dot grids or blank, in cream or white.

Brass Desk Accessories

Brass is trendy in furniture and home goods right now, but its also an elegant material for desktop tools, like scissors, letter-openers, rulers, etc.

We carry several fountain pens in brass too:

Or if you're going all out, the Ultimate Luxury Desk Set, which includes a vintage typewriter, vintage goose-neck lamp, Classiky wooden toolbox, pens, pencils, and various other accessories from the best writing brands in the world.

Surprise Pack of 5 Greeting Cards

Make sure he is prepared for any occasion with this mystery pack of cards, selected by us, your trusted stationery connoisseurs at The Paper Seahorse.

I know my dad comes in often to buy a single card at a time. Why not keep some on hand for emergencies? This is what mom would do ;)

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