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Kaweco Fountain Pens: A Must Have for Your Collection

March 01, 2017

In addition to the Lamy fountain pens we now carry, we are pleased to introduce you to Kaweco fountain pens. While the Lamy AL-Star and Safari pens are sleek and modern, the Kaweco Classic Sport and Skyline Sport fountain pens are vintage in their design. They are compact and perfect for traveling. Both are German companies and so the quality and engineering is precision at its finest. The classic nature of the Kaweco Sport lines are revered for modesty, clarity and minimal fuss.

Diminutive in nature, they are only 4.1 inches long capped, the pen extends to 5.2 inches for comfortable writing. With or without a clip, this pen is perfect for your pocket and a must have on-the-go item. I keep mine in my bag at all times, it weighs practically nothing and its so tiny it doesn't take up much space.

An exceptional value, these fountain pens are slightly less in cost than the Lamy’s we carry. The retro tins are fun and you can use them to store your refills. 

As with the Lamy Joy Calligraphy italic pens, we are carrying the Kaweco Calligraphy Pen sets. With two different nibs, a set of refill cartridges and tin case, these make and excellent gift for the aspiring calligrapher or artist. Different ink color cartridges are available separately which make your words beautiful as well as colorful!

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