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National Letter Writing Month Inspiration #2: What to Put in Your Snail Mail Traveling Notebook

April 10, 2017

Welcome to Week Two of inspiration for National Letter Writing Month.  Here is where we show you ideas of what to put in your traveling snail mail notebook. Skylar has done a video to walk you through her version and I was so inspired that I did a version too.

Here is my Traveling Notebook No.1 Project.  I am sending it to my friend as a surprise, she and I have never done anything like this and I hope we get one other person involved so it can be a round robin book of inspiration.  I decided to include the following since it is Spring:

  • a seed packet for flowers
  • a seed packet for catnip
  • a book mark
  • a letter
  • a fun origami heart tucked inside a windmill pocket
  • and instructions on how this pen pal notebook works


Here is Skylar's video, she will walk you through how she decorates her book to create a stunning vintage look using old and new materials.  Get layout tips, paper techniques and inspiration to start your pen pal notebook.  She works on the book first and then writes, which is how I did mine as well.

Often when it comes to the writing portion, you may need some inspiration.  I always think it is nice to let folks know what you have been up, a new project, things happening with the family, perhaps a discovery of a book or movie that you would like to share. Think of what you would say if you were on the phone or over a cup of tea) Its that simple, write from the heart and share a piece of yourself.  


Let us know what you think and show us what you put in yours!

Yours in all things keeping in touch, Tona


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