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The Power of Imagination + Intention

May 01, 2021

This colorful painting is called "Mother Sun" it was created by the most creative person I have ever met. She was an artist, a gardener, an animal lover and all around kind person. Everyday I strive to be like her and I hope to make her proud. She is my mother, Gail Bell. I wanted to share a little bit about her because she is so inspiring.

She had a very humbling childhood. She grew up without means, in the country woods of Georgia and her own mom died when she was just 16. Her aunt raised her and taught her about quilting, cooking, gardening, and telling a good story. These experiences shaped her life forever. She got married to a nice boy from Atlanta and moved to Taiwan where they adopted me. I could sew before I could write, my toys were mainly things in the yard (I had to stay outside until dinner and find things to do!) and our house was the one where everyone always gathered. Some of my friends actually wanted to spend more time with my mom than me!

Gail was a writer, a librarian and the most popular summer camp leader for miles around. Probably because she worked with the local kids to put on plays and skits where they wrote, made their costumes and entertained us all. She had a knack for putting people at ease and kept her childlike wonder until the day she died. She had a secret weapon, it was her imagination. She visualized possibilities and positivity. Her favorite color was sunny yellow and she always had a smile on her face.

She believed in the power of intention and positive affirmations. She started painting later in life, at 5, and infusing her work with hidden affirmations. She sold her work in galleries around the country. She created a line of posters, notecards, and accessories. She began speaking on the power of the mind and teaching accessible mini-meditations. She got to meet Louise Hay at a New Age convention and pretty much came full circle. 

Sadly, she soon passed away before she could help more people. Or maybe she helped enough. The most important gift she gave me was the gift of imagination and understanding the power of intention. I realize that my exposure her advanced way of thinking is why I do what I do. I encourage everyone I meet to be more creative and mindful. To know that you alone hold the power inside to create your own reality. To understand that words have power and so does intentionality. We can manifest anything we want, it just takes slowing down, following your heart and believing in yourself. 

I am so grateful for the lessons my mom taught me and continues to teach me. Who has been that for you? 

I hope this Mother's Day, you take the time to tell your mom, the person who raised you, your aunt, grandmother or friend how grateful you are for them and how they may have inspired you. Maybe you are a mom and it is you. We could all use some encouragement and recognition. Seize the day and reach out to that feminine energy and pay it forward. 

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