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Travel Journaling Wrap Up

June 12, 2016

This is a guest post by Mary Kate Roberts, a forensic anthropologist, who teaches the Travel Journaling class here at the Paper Seahorse.  

What a wonderful weekend! I taught my very first class on travel journaling yesterday at The Paper Seahorse, and it was an absolute blast. The ladies who came to my class were wonderful, freely sharing their own travel stories and experiences and being open to whatever I might be able to teach them.

We discussed everything from how best to use a travel journal to the pros and cons of different supplies that one might want to use. The one rule that I stand by in all of it is this: there is no wrong way to do it. People can get caught up in journaling systems and styles and they end up worrying more about sticking to that system’s rules than actually enjoying the process of journaling. So, I do my best to stress that you should keep your travel journal in whatever way makes you happy. Traveling is supposed to be a fun and enlightening experience and travel journaling should reflect that. Hopefully, through teaching this class I was able to pass along some of my insight so that others can enjoy documenting their travels and get that much more out of their adventures.


Safe travels,

Mary Kate

Thanks Mary Kate!  We are so lucky to have her share her wisdom and love for traveling. In addition to the Travelers Notebook journal kit everyone received, here are some highlights from the Adventure Travel Zine she created specifically for the kit:

  • why keep a travel journal? recording your experiences helps you slow down and enjoy the trip more.  It also is a great insight into you and looking back later you will discover even more about yourself.
  • use your journal to plan your trip: helps you stay organized.
  • while you are traveling: observe and collect items to remember later.
  • during and after your trip: record things that went well, what you would do differently next time? review your adventure.
  • writing prompts: if you could travel with anyone, who would it be and why?
  • resources for traveling: city guides, attractions, low cost ideas, solo travel and inspiration.

This class will definitely be held again, please check our schedule of classes to make sure you reserve your spot at the next one!

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