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TRAVELERS Company Limited Edition Travel Tools-Themed Items Have Arrived!

TRAVELERS Company Limited Edition Travel Tools-Themed Items Have Arrived!

Travel Tools-themed notebooks and the items to customize your life have arrived! We are one one of a few selected North America retail locations to carry them outside of TRAVELERS FACTORY.

travelers tool-themed stationery items
The theme for TRAVELER’S notebook 2020 DIARY is Travel Tools. In true TRAVELER’S notebook fashion, they were designed to be brought with you everywhere you go to help you spend every day like a journey. For the Travel Tools collection, the TRAVELERS design team was diligent about processing and texture unique to paper, the quality of the brass and all other aspects of production, which was handled entirely in Japan at locations such as Designphil Nagareyama Factory and pressing factories in the Tokyo area.

travelers company limited edition inserts

Refills are available in two sizes, Regular Size and Passport Size. These are decorated with travel tools and messages expressed in a combination of letterpress printing and gold foil. The pairing of this foil and that faint, slightly engraved quality that only letterpress can achieve makes these covers one-of-a-kind. 

travelers masking tapelimited editon letter press stickers travelers company

This year’s lineup also features stickers and cards with that unique letterpress feel, a brass ballpoint pen with silkscreened travel tools on a blue-gray body, a charm of solid brass engraved in the shape of a suitcase and masking tape that’s perfect for customizing your notebook.


travelers factory limited edition charmtravelers company limited edition penlimited edition travel tools pen travelers factory

Pick up your new notebook and items to decorate it, or attach a greeting to a card to give them as gifts and spread the joy of spending every day in 2020 like a journey!

letterpress notecards travelers companyelegant letterpress stationery from travelers company

Look at the globe and think of the places you most want to be.

Let the compass in your pocket be your heart’s guide.

Despite today’s conveniences, there’s just nothing like the old film cameras.

Get excited about new journeys to come while enjoying some coffee.

Grab a magnifying glass and take a closer look at a flower by the roadside.

Look at distant stars behind the buildings through some binoculars.

I don’t know about you, but the radio and books have been wonderful companions for me since I was young.

Strum a ukulele and let its eternal melodies captivate you.

A notebook is a place for you to remember the good times and get creative.

Remember, your suitcase is always waiting in the corner of your room. You can set off on a journey at any time.

Keep your travel items close at hand and you’ll feel light and free.

Wouldn’t it be nice if each day was a step in a journey with TRAVELER’S notebook?

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