What's Your Animal? Midori's Animal Letter Sets are Adorable and Personal

by Amanda Doyle February 10, 2019 2 min read

What's Your Animal? Midori's Animal Letter Sets are Adorable and Personal

Something colorful and eye-catching recently arrived in an order at our studio on South Howard. Among the Traveler’s Notebook inserts and Mnemosynes was a stack of stationery sets that were hard to miss.

Midori’s Animal-Themed Letter Paper & Envelope Sets

These adorable letter sets from Midori are something you can immediately fall in love with. They grab anyone’s attention at first glance because, well, they’re adorable!

But they’re more than just eye candy to “aw” at. These sets are everything you could look for in great stationery: they’re fun, creative, and personal, with that five star Midori paper quality.

Each set is a unique pattern/sticker combination, inspired by a different animal.

The panda set was the first one that caught my eye (Amanda Panda, anyone?). This set comes with 4 chubby pandas sitting in different directions, with purple polka dot envelopes.

These black kitties are each sporting a debonair gold bowtie, and are paired with pink bowtie-patterned envelopes.

I have a feeling the Alpaca set is going to be a favorite. These woolly cuties are giving a sweet smile with a stack of starry teal and blue pattern envelopes.

The Deer set might the prettiest one in my opinion. 4 beautiful, brown, spotted deer are paired with these yellow nature-inspired envelopes.

Each set comes with 12 sheets of lined paper, accented with their corresponding animal at the top, 4 thick envelopes with a unique top fold, and 4 animal stickers. When someone opens the top fold, the first thing they’ll see as they pull their letter out is that charming animal accent at the top of the paper.

Every animal sticker has a three-dimensional fuzzy texture, but they’re slim enough that they won’t add any noticeable bulge to any letters you write. The stickers can add a touch of personality wherever you place them - next to your signature, on the corner of your envelope, or to keep the envelope flap shut are just a few ideas.

The patterns and cartoon creatures give letter writing an extra fun touch, that can speak to everyone’s personality in different ways. Everyone’s bound to have either an animal, a pattern, or both that calls their name.

Another bonus with this cute design: it’s a great way to lure kids and teens into letter writing and sending snail mail. The practice of sending letters dwindled substantially in the past years, but we’ve slowly seen an interest in analog practices start to grow in younger people.

Whoever’s lucky enough to be the recipient of a letter written on this stationery - they’ll be in for a big treat.

Midori Animal Letter Paper & Envelope Sets are only $7.00 each. Available at our two shop locations and online.

Hyde Park/SoHo Tampa

211 S. Howard Ave

Tampa, FL 33606


Historic Ybor City

1901 E. 7 Ave Suite A

Ybor City, FL 33605


Tues - Sat | 11a to 6p

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