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#SelfCare19 - 19 Tips to Get Your Self-Care Routine Started in 2019

by Amanda Doyle February 05, 2019 5 min read

#SelfCare19 - 19 Tips to Get Your Self-Care Routine Started in 2019

Attending to your own needs so that you are happy, motivated, and at your best - that is Self-Care.

The beginning of 2019 was a fresh chance to start our own self-care routines for the new year. So for #SelfCare19, we posted 19 tips on our Instagram throughout January on how to get your self-care routine started. 

Self-care is all about the self: What makes YOU feel content and at peace?

Below are all 19 tips we posted on Instagram during the past month - tips that can inspire and ignite the flame for your own personalized self-care routine.

Be sure to follow @thepaperseahorse and use the hashtag #SelfCare19 to spread the word that self-care matters this year.

#1: Practice gratitude

Studies show that when we are intentionally grateful, and put a focus on the positive, our brains cannot focus on both the positive and negative at the same time. In short, being grateful disables our negativity and we begin living in a more happy and abundant state. The easiest way to practice gratitude is by starting a Gratitude Journal - this such an effective tool for bringing more happiness into our lives without having to change our circumstances. 

#2. Keep track of compliments

Didsomeone say something nice to you? Somebody mention a good job you did on something? Write it down! When we keep an ongoing “compliments scrapbook”, we have something powerful and uplifting to look back on if we ever start to feel down on ourselves, and don’t we all need a little pick-me-up sometimes?

#3: Enjoy The Stillness

Life can be a rush. Our world expects a lot of us, for what feels like all moments of the day. Make the intention to just be still, even if just for a few moments. It does restorative wonders for our emotional health and our stress levels. Find a time in the day where you can be still and make the intent to enjoy and appreciate it. Don’t fixate on that next project you have to do or what you still have on your shopping list. Know that everything will be done during its proper time, but this moment is a moment for stillness.

#4: Surround yourself with positive smells

It may sound silly, but science is on our side with this one! It turns out our sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses, and is strongly connected with our mood. When we are surrounded with uplifting scents, it lifts our spirits and leaves us feeling more positive, focused, and at peace. ⠀

#5. Journal your thoughts

Journaling has tremendous benefits for our mental and emotional health, not to mention it makes you a better writer. Journaling on a regular basis helps us organize our thoughts and ideas, and is a natural stress reliever. 

#6. Take a digital detox

Getting swept up with our phones and computers can easily make us lose track of ourselves. Take time this week to turn off all your devices for an hour (or more!) and decompress from the stresses of the digital world. This is a great practice to do on a regular basis. Our zine Hippocampus Vol. 1 has some great tips for digitally detoxing.

#7. Leave positive affirmations for yourself

If there's a mantra or quote that resonates with you, it's leaving an impression on you for a reason. Make room for positive reminders in your life, and leave them in writing where you can. Journals, desktops, and by our bedsides are all good places.

#8. Plan a day out for yourself

Sometimes self-care means taking your own self out on a little date. It's refreshing, restorative, and fun, especially if your way of relaxing usually means staying at home. Shake things up and spend a day off out and about, plan an event, or even take a class.

#9. Indulge in a guilty pleasure

If you're feeling stressed, or overworked, or drained, there's no shame in recharging your batteries with a bubble bath, or a glass of wine, or a little bite of chocolate - self care means getting you back to your best. Have you tried our dark chocolate salt & almond signature bar? At $4, it's a steal!⠀ 

#10. Spend time outdoors

We may not realize how draining our four enclosed walls and computer screens can be for our souls, until we step outside and spend time with nature. Getting friendly with the outdoors brings us back to our roots (pun intended), and leaves us centered and restored, so we can be at our best.

#11. Get friendly with four-legged creatures

Even just being around pets and animals is shown to be therapeutic & reduce our stress levels. If you don't have any furry friends, don't be afraid to ask a stranger if you can pet their dog while they're out for a walk. Our shop kitties, like Little Black Kitty Kat and Mr Green Eyes, are always up for a good petting, as long as you're friendly.

#12. Know your boundaries & don’t get burnt out

Sometimes we feel like we have to do everything, and do it ourselves. We want to be successful and hardworking, but what can be even harder is recognizing when we’re getting stretched thin. Don’t be afraid to say no to something, to prioritize your own health and happiness. Knowing our boundaries can lead to our best and most meaningful work.

#13. Spend more time with people you love

Having positive sources of energy in our lives keeps us fueled, reassured, and happy. It's good to remember to make time for the people that lift us up, and spend less time with the people that bring us down. In the words of Jane Eyre: "To live amidst general regard is like sitting in sunshine, calm and sweet."

#14. Get some sun

Just 15 minutes a day is refreshing, and gets a good dose of essential vitamin D in our bodies. If it's a beautiful day, spend it outside.

#15. Sleep!

If you have trouble getting to sleep at night, a good trick is to have a bedtime routine that you do every night, before you hit the pillow. It sends a message to the brain that "the day is over, and it is time to sleep", whenever you do your routine. Reading a book before bed, or always burning a candle are good ideas for your end of day routine. 

#16. Curl up with a good book

Reading is a natural stress reliever, especially when it's a good read. It's a great way to end your your day, relax, and take your mind off things. We have a collection of books to spark your creativity at our South Howard studio and Ybor City pop-up, pictured here. PS: Our pop-up also has a browse-worthy selection of vintage book finds.

#17. Do something you usually do, mindfully and slowly

Taking a normal task and giving it a level of attentiveness that you don't often do is a refreshing way to bring ourselves back to the present moment. Practicing with small tasks can ease us into a life more abundant with mindfulness and gratitude.

#18. Learn something new

Learning a new skill opens us up to new possibilities and different ways of thinking and seeing the world. It gets us out of our comfort zones, which is so good for our personal development. Starting new hobbies can become a solace for us, a new activity that we can look forward to. Consider signing up for a workshop here at our studio.

#19. Remember that self-care is essential

Whatever our goals, whatever the challenges that we face, whatever next experience we are in during our lives, the first step is taking care of and loving ourselves - because at our best, we do our best, and can do more for others and the world. Always remember that.

What do you like to do to make sure you're taking care of yourself? Let us know! We're here with you and wish you the best while you're on your self-care journey. Share this page with friends and family so we all remember to take care of ourselves.

~Happy 2019~

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