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New Papery Goodness from Midori Has Arrived

by Amanda Doyle April 16, 2019 3 min read

New Papery Goodness from Midori Has Arrived

The latest order from Midori was one of our favorites to unpack at the studio recently.

Midori is already such a timeless staple in the analog world, so when we get something entirely new from the cult brand, we can't help but get a little giddy.

New Products from Midori

Scroll down to take a peek at some of the new goodies at our studio.

Midori new products 2019

Notebook Paper Covers

Midori Notebook Paper Covers

This was one of our favorite finds in the newest shipment from Midori: Notebook Paper Covers, made with lightweight Cordoba paper. Made to protect their MD notebooks, they’re flexible and durable, with amazing stitching detail, and endless possibilities for customizing (great for lettering on, hint hint).

       Midori Notebook Paper Cover stitching    Midori notebook paper cover

Just like their Midori’s leather covers, it also ages beautifully with use and time. Available in A5, A6, B6, and an extra big A4.

Midori Pencils

Midori pencils

Made to compliment their already amazing paper products, Midori's pencils remind you to slow down, hear and feel the pencil touching your paper, and embrace every mistake. Available in regular graphite, and in colored pencils that coordinate perfectly with Midori’s cream paper.

      Midori Pencils    Midori Pencils

The Notebook Light - Set of 3

Midori's new lightweight notebook allows you to jot down ideas anywhere on the go. Its slim 48-page body makes it flexible and portable, and comes in a pack of 3. Light notebooks make for a fun and stunning collection after they've been filled up and used.

Midori's Notebook Light puts their signature paper in a slim 48-page format.

Available in A5, in blank, ruled, and gridded. They're also sized to tuck perfectly inside the A5 Notebook Paper Cover. 


Midori Notebook Journal Frame

Midori Frame notebook

Midori's classic A5 notebook now has a new design available in Frame. Filled with blank paper, each page is conveniently framed with a top section for writing, well, anything you want! The date, a title, a quote, the name for a piece of artwork - the Frame notebook has no rules. It's made for any use you want it for.

Midori frame notebook

A peek at the inside of Midori's Frame Notebook 

Goatskin Leather Notebook Bag

A bag designed specifically for your stationery, Midori's new Notebook Bag uses their signature goatskin leather for a flat envelope-style bag that's buttery smooth to the touch.

Midori goatskin leather notebook bag

Available in A5, it is sized to hold your Midori notebooks perfectly (and stylishly), and has a lip on the side to clip your favorite pen onto it. True to the MD fashion, it is timeless, minimalist functionality without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Midori goatskin leather notebook bag with notebooks

Midori Letter Pad and Paper Pad

Two new paper pads in different styles arrived in the latest order: A ruled letter pad that pairs perfectly (in size and style) with Midori's envelopes, and a blank paper pad

Midori notepads

Midori's blank paper pad has a unique cut corner design that allows for easy gripping when tearing pages out. More interestingly, their paper pad is double bound on both the top edge and right edge, making your pages extra secure.

Midori notepads

Like all of Midori's analog products, both pads make a wonderful accent to your desktop or writing area.

What new Midori product are you most excited about? Let us know! Leave a comment, and be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date on all the newest products at our studio. 

MD paper products can be found at our South Howard and Ybor City locations, and 24/7 online. Shop the collection now.

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