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Slow Down in 2017; Take a Digital Detox - January 2017 Newsletter

by Dani Combs January 03, 2017 3 min read

Happy New Year!

This year, the cowgirls and I challenge you to be in the moment.
Being behind a screen for long periods of time (whether its a TV, computer, or phone) can be very fatiguing. So we are committing to a different kind of diet in the New Year.

Join our digital detox, for just an hour or a day. Put down the phone and actually connect with who or what is in front of you instead of looking down. Engage all your senses, not just your eyes, give your neck a rest and seize the moment. Your soul will thank you.

Let us know how you do, 
Tona + The Cowgirls

P. S. Read more of our detox tips below.

Fountain Pens Have Arrived!

We are now carrying a range of the fabulous Lamy Fountain Pens, along with cartridge refills and bottles of ink. Lamy has spent the last 50 years demonstrating time and again what added value this small everyday object has to offer, and now you can finally buy your Lamy Fountain Pen at The Paper Seahorse!

Mindfulness Through Making


Learn something new, create consistently, and make your dreams a reality with our Winter 2017 Classes. As always, we have a variety of classes available: writing, journaling, creative business classes, papercraft, and arts and crafts. We have our favorites and have developed new classes for you -- there's something for everyone. 
  • Create a Consistent Journal Practice- Many of us have the good intentions of keeping a journaling practice, but staying consistent may seem daunting. In this class you will select a journal to take home with you, and you'll receive a kit containing prompts, tips, and examples to cut the intimidation factor of a blank page and learn how to spark and maintain this mindful habit.
  • Hand-lettered Calligraphy: Your 2017 Mantra - Faux calligraphy is a great basis for learning the pressure application essential in Modern Calligraphy, and it's a great skill to apply to all sorts of surfaces. In this class we'll learn and practice faux calligraphy to customize a fresh new notebook to fill with all your 2017 plans!
  • Vision Boards: Manifest Your Dreams - Make this your best year yet. It all starts with asking for what you want. Setting goals and intentions through words and images can create profound personal change. Creative visualization helps manifest your dreams and make them real. Make time for yourself and your new truth. 
  • Exploration in Creative Writing - We all have the ability to write creatively. In this mini workshop you will not only learn about how to tap into this creativity, you will also have the opportunity to experience generating words from a profoundly personal and creative place. This class is for anyone with a desire to express themselves; from beginners to old pros. No prerequisite necessary. 


In our class, Documenting with Midori Traveler's Notebook, our teacher, Tammy Wright aka Papertams, will demonstrate how putting pen to paper can help prioritize, focus, and track steps needed to manifest dreams and goals. Participants will learn a reflective, one-hour per week, creative journaling process that will keep them motivated and mindful throughout the year.  We will utilize Midori Traveler’s Notebook products for this class. Because manifesting dreams is about documenting and trusting life’s journey.

Join us for another Midori Travelers Notebook Meet Up!  Begin a new year with a new notebook practice or enrich your current one. Whether you have a Travelers Notebook or are curious about one, this is the event for you.

We will be offering 10% off all Midori Travelers Notebook accessories for attendees that day only. 

FREE and Open to the public
Saturday January 21st, 1 - 3pm

Althought not required, we appreciate pre-registration.


Digital Detox Tips

All it takes is a few minutes each day; read a book, prepare a healthy snack, have a cup of coffee (or tea) with old or new friends. 2017 is the year of slowing down and reconnecting with yourself and others.

Best Nine of 2016

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