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Top Ten Ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day

by Tona Bell January 23, 2017 2 min read

We think that the handwritten and handmade are precious and rare.  Take a moment to think about what it means to put pen to paper and handwrite something.  Even though we live in a digital age, paper and pen are used everyday in so many ways.  At Paper Seahorse its celebrated everyday!  Change your handwriting change your life.*  Here are few ways you could celebrate National Handwriting this year:

1. Learn Cursive - it is faster and prettier than print.

2. Write a Thank You Note - practice gratitude while improving your penmanship.

3. Write a Story - use your handwriting to covey and enhance the narrative in your storytelling.

4. Practice your Signature - because you are awesome and a rock star.  It is your mark and personal to you.

5. Keep a Journal - practice putting pen to paper and also get in touch with who you are.

6. Make a Grocery List - turn the everyday and mundane into a fun practice by making a nicer looking list.

7. Learn Lettering - try writing in different font styles, its fun.

8. Learn Calligraphy - practice letterformsand make pretty things.

9. Write Your Goals and Dreams Down for 2017 - If you write your goals and dreams down, you are 33% more likely to achieve them than someone who didn't write them down.

10. Observe other people's handwriting - analyze their attributes, see what is unique and also get inspired to see how you can improve your own.

*Graphology is the science and study of analyzing handwriting and personality traits.  Fascinating and addicting to learn you might want to read more if you have never heard of it.


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