The Joys of Letter Writing: Resources To Help You Keep In Touch

by Tona Bell April 11, 2021 3 min read


The Joys of Letter Writing: Resources To Help You Keep In Touch

letter writing

To celebrate National Letter Writing Month this year, we have compiled our best ideas and resources into one blog post. Whether you need a pen pal, are looking for inspiration to write, or want to use the pen to save the world, we've got you covered. Hope you explore the many joys of keeping in touch. It is good for you and good for the recipient! Here are our FAQs created just for you:

1. How Do I Find Fellow Letter Writers In My Area?

find a pen pal

Do you wish you could find like-minded letter writers in your area? Join a letter writing group! The kind folks @lwsdirectory have put together a web site to help navigate the list of growing societies. ⁠

2. How Do I find A Pen Pal?

find a pen pal

Are you looking for a pen pal? We can help! There are many options depending on what you are looking for. 

2. Is There A Local Letter Writing Group in Tampa?

tampa bay letter writers

Yes! The Tampa Bay Letter Writers are a group of everyday people who are not afraid to go rogue and unplug from the digital realm. Once a month we embrace our love of the written word and gather together to pen missives.⁠

We have members from all over the country, not just in Tampa Bay. Come learn about the letter writing revolution. ⁠

Your membership includes your very own membership kit, including but not limited to the Tampa Bay Letter Writers postal passport, official ID card, newsletter, philatelic goodies and more. Also guarantees at least a half dozen mailing throughout the year and entry to all monthly meet ups. Virtually for now, we are still in a pandemic.⁠

3. How Can I Start A Letter Writing Group?

host a letter writing social

Starting a letter writing group starts with you hosting a social.  We give you hints and tips to start one in your area. It is easy and if you reach out, we will even sponsor your first one. ⁠ ⁠ 

4. How Can I Write Letters For Positive Change?

letters for positive change

Learn about the power of the written word. Letter for positive change is easy. You just need the information on what to write and to who. The Tampa Bay Letter Writers have a video to help you. Co-founder @papertams gives you hints and tips in this video. Or you can find more resources here in our reasons to write/letter for positive change post.

 5. What Are The Benefits of Letter Writing?

why writing is good for you

The pen is moving meditation. It is powerful and increases well-being. ⁠

In a study published in the journal, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, researchers found that expressive writing had long-term health benefits including improved immune system, improved mood, improved lung function, improved liver function, and a feeling of greater well-being.⁠

What are you waiting for? Write on!⁠

6. How Can I Support Your Youth Letter Writing Initiatives?

youth letter writing

Help keep letter writing alive! Give the gift of snail mail to the local community. Any denomination helps.⁠

We support local classrooms learn the joys of letter writing and keeping in touch. Please help fund our efforts to get kids writing more.⁠

Your contribution goes directly towards letter writing kits: stationery, postage, handouts and other learning materials. ⁠

We teach kids by explaining why to write a letter, how to write a letter, then we give them the tools to try it themselves.

If you are a teacher, parent, counselor or just a fellow letter writer, please contact us so we may help supply children with a new favorite past time. It is future generations that will ensure letter writing lives.

7. How To Create Your Own Traveling Letter

tonas traveling letter

make a traveling letter

Ideas for making a traveling letter. Using your imagination and a simple notebook, you can create a snail mailer to be enjoyed by you and a group of friends. It is a round robin thing where the last person gets to keep it. ⁠We made ours with the TRAVELERS NOTEBOOK refill 025.

Additional resources for making your own traveling letter can be found here:

Creating a Traveling Letter Among Friends - ideas for content

Make a Snail Mailer Notebook  - how to make one

2 Responses

JoAn Damron
JoAn Damron

June 30, 2023

I agree that letter writing has health benefits, for the writer and the recipient. As one who writes and sends many hand painted cards each month, I feel that I am the one who is being blessed. I feel that it is my mission in life to be a blessing to others, and I do that by writing them cards and letters. I can see from the envelopes that you featured that some could have been written by my friend, Lindsey Bugbee, at “The Postman Knocks.”

Shammy Peterson
Shammy Peterson

October 05, 2021

I found it helpful when you said that expressive writing could improve the immune system and lead to other long-term health benefits. This reminded me of my sister who loves reading a lot. She said that this activity brings her to another world, and I could imagine her subscribing to snail mail letters.

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